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Exploring rentals in The Hague: your expert rental agent

Are you considering renting a house, apartment, or studio in The Hague (also known as Den Haag or ‘s-Gravenhage)? This decision is a fantastic choice if you’re seeking to reside in the administrative and royal capital of the Netherlands. The Hague, as the third-largest city in the country, has a plethora to offer.

A city of significance and diversity

The Hague serves as the seat of the Dutch Government and is also home to the prestigious International Court of Justice. Beyond its governmental role, the city boasts an extensive array of shops and restaurants, encompassing charming boutiques and inviting bars. Furthermore, The Hague is enriched with a host of captivating museums and cultural institutions that appeal to enthusiasts of all kinds.

A coastal connection: Scheveningen

Nestled nearby is Scheveningen, a captivating seaside resort that forms one of the eight districts of The Hague. This coastal gem offers a blend of natural beauty and recreational activities for residents and visitors alike.

Efficient mobility and connectivity

The Hague boasts a well-structured public transportation system featuring regular bus, tram, and train services. This network seamlessly connects you within the city and extends its reach to international destinations across Europe, making travel convenient and accessible.

A global hub: expat-friendly environment

Catering to an international community, The Hague proudly houses a variety of esteemed international schools and hosts numerous international companies. This characteristic contributes to the city’s cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Your trusted rental partners: Meijs & Alink and the Expat Agency

At Meijs & Alink, we specialize in rentals within The Hague area. In collaboration with our colleagues from ‘The Expat Agency,’ experts in assisting expatriates, we have cultivated a reputation for comprehensive knowledge and unwavering commitment to your successful rental experience. Our approach is marked by professionalism, attentiveness, and a dedication to ensuring the finest results.

Navigating your rental journey

Whether you’re a prospective tenant or a property owner seeking to rent, we are here to guide you through the process. Reach out to us today for a no-obligation conversation. Our team is readily available to meet you at our office in Voorburg or at a location of your preference.

Unveiling The Hague’s rental opportunities

If you’re on the hunt for a house or apartment to rent in The Hague, your search ends here. We take pride in assisting you in finding your ideal rental property.

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Answering your questions:

Where do expats live in The Hague?
Expats in The Hague often find residence in various neighborhoods throughout the city, with a concentration near international schools and areas offering a vibrant expat community.

Is it expensive to live in The Hague?
The cost of living in The Hague can vary, but generally, it’s considered affordable compared to other major European cities. However, certain areas and lifestyle choices may impact your expenses.

Is Den Haag a good place to live?
Absolutely, Den Haag is an excellent place to live, offering a blend of cultural richness, international amenities, and a high quality of life. Its status as the political and administrative hub of the Netherlands adds to its appeal.