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At Meijs & Alink Makelaardij, our chartered valuers will procure an expert and objective decision on the value of your immovable property.

What is a valuation?

A valuation is the process of assessing the value of your immoveable property (for example, a house or a business property) in order to price it for sale or rental, or create financing opportunities. Valuation is a job for trusted specialists who are focused on getting you accurate results. For this you are in good hands with Meijs &Alink Makelaardij. We are proud of our track record with our clients, and our sterling reputation with all parties. We work regularly with the tax authorities as well many area banks, lenders, insurance companies, and notaries.

We will obtain a valuation for you with the utmost care and knowledge of the business. We consider and assess all aspects of a property: gross and net floor surface, the state of structural maintenance, the internal state, saleability, the local surroundings and plans for the area.

When is a valuation report needed?

Financing is the most common reason for which a valuation is required. The banks (or other lenders) want to know from the NWWI valuation institute the exact value of the security against which a mortgage is given.

Another reason can be the decision to buy or sell, a challenge to the WOZ valuation, separation and division (divorce?) or an inheritance tax assessment.

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