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Benedikte Zijlstra (RM/RT)


Benedikte has been the owner of Meijs & Alink Makelaardij since 2004. She is a chartered NVM estate agent, valuer and building construction adviser. She is known for her exceptional consulting and problem-solving skills, her no-nonsense practicality, and her clear, focused communication in all areas of immoveable property. The driving force behind the team, Benedikte is a seasoned professional who enjoys using her extensive knowledge and expertise in all areas of real estate transactions to ensure a successful and seamless experience for everyone involved.

Jennifer Margés (RM/RT)


As a professional estate agent, Jennifer is there to guide you in all phases of the buying or selling process. She focuses on listening to understand your exact needs, then goes to work to make sure you get the result you want and deserve. She offers her expertise in all areas from guiding buyers in the process of finding the perfect home to advising sellers on styling their home for the perfect sale. Whether buying or selling, she works hard to create the most postive, stress-free experience with the greatest maximum return.

Laura van der Sleesen (ARMT)


Your house will really stand out and shine in the spotlight when Laura goes to work. She is our photographer/assistant estate agent and is responsible for taking the most beautiful photos of your house you may have ever seen. At the KABK she successfully completed both training in Photographic Design and in AMRT. Her creativity and sharp photographer’s eye make a truly important contribution to the sale or hire (rental?) of your house.

Tamara van der Vaart (ARMT)


Gaby van Vessem

Whether you come to our office in person or call us with a question, Gaby will welcome you and guide you to the best person to fulfill your needs. Gaby is our always cheerful and completely helpful frontline presence at our office in Voorburg. With her openness and empathy, she supports us – and our clients – with everything on the administrative side of the business.

Alexandra van den Akker (ARMT)


The Expat Agency is the section of Meijs & Alink Makelaardij that focuses on rental properties. Alexandra has years of experience both as an estate agent and in business services. Because of her unique skills, her knowledge and her energy, Meijs & Alink Makelaardij has become a renowned agency for expat housing. She enjoys using her extensive knowledge of the area in her search for the perfect home for every expat. She is equally a trustworthy and involved partner for those seeking to rent their homes. Working together with Nathalie, she provides valuable insight and depth of knowledge to achieve great results for all clients.

Nathalie Brinkhuijsen (ARMT)


Nathalie offers her deep knowledge of the entire expat relocation process both to those who are renting their properties (“hirer”) and those looking to find a new home. With her years of experience in the relocation branch, she offers her enthusiam and her exceptional guidance to ease and support expats in their transition to the Netherlands. Working together with Alexandra, she provides valuable insight and depth of knowledge to achieve great results for all clients.