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Meijs & Alink Makelaars set your house in the spotlight!

Did you know that there is no fixed daily cost to you in selling your house? Let Meijs and Alink take over the sales process for you, and benefit from our direct, efficient and thoroughly professional team. We provide invaluable insight into the process of selling your home at the best price possible. With our passion, knowledge and expertise, we are always readily available to help you through the sales process in the simplest and most complete way possible.

Surpassing your expectations

Meijs and Alink always look out for your best interests. We are specialists in understanding and marketing your unique property to its best advantage.

We will set up a consultation with you to discuss your ideas, visions and wishes for the sale of your home. From the preliminary analysis, to construction surveys (if desired), we use our expertise to calculate the best price for your home, and discuss the price with you in creating a customized selling plan.

Our professional services include a beautiful (digital) sale brochure which we will broadcast for broad online visibility including,, and more. Your home will be featured in the window of our well -positioned office with extensive foot traffic and walk-in interest. From featuring your home in our Open House days, to utilizing our extensive marketing network, we will make sure to spark interest in the broadest possible buyer’s market.

The happiest customers with the best sale price

That’s what we aim for! From the start to the finish, we work with you to get the results you want. We are always present at every viewing, so you don’t have to be there. We will continue to negotiate until we reach the best price for you. Meijs and Alink Makelaars support you, negotiate for you and accompany you every step of the way up to and including the exchange at the notary. Come and see how we will make selling your home easier and more successful!

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